The wirelss GSM alarm system Protect 906x from Olympia offers high functionality combined with ease of use. The system can be installed in a “plug & play” way without any technical knowledge. The menu is clearly designed so that consumers also have no problems during operation. The Protect 906x is connected wirelessly with the sensors. In case of an alarm, the user is informed via telephone (GSM network) with an automatic announcement function. If the line is busy, the system automatically dials the next set number. It also shows which sensors have given the alarm. In the house, an acoustic signal is given by the integrated siren. For individual use, the user can choose between different alarm modes. The system can be extended up to 32 sensors. Thus, it also protects larger areas or can create a close surveillance of areas which are not easy to access. Further functions like the single information for each sensor, the power protection in the base unit and the warning on low batteries round off the functionality of the Protect 906x.

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