The new Opel Cascada shines by its matured technology and high quality materials, making the summer open air feeling as easy as never before. One touch of the button and the fabric hood of the new Opel Cascada opens within 17 seconds – up to a speed of 50 km/h. The opening button is located in the centre console, easy and intuitive to use. You can also open the hood with the practical remote control which is standard to all Opel Cascada models. The heated glass rear window disappears completely behind the boot cover when the hood is opened. The four side windows of the new Opel Cascada can be opened all at the same time thanks to the 4-window button – thus you get an even better fresh air feeling with only one touch. If you want to close the hood while driving, you can do this with one finger tip in only 19 seconds. To ensure that the electrohydraulic mechanism to open and close the hood works reliably, it has been tested 15,000 times in all imaginable conditions. The fabric hood of the new Opel Cascada has been manufactured with high quality tissue, which has already been proven with renowned premium convertibles. Quality tests have been performed at high speed in which the hood performed perfectly. The material is weather resistant and carwash proven.

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