The Zafira is the lounge among the family vans. The ingeniously adaptable Flex7 seating system does not only offer enough space for seven people as the name indicates, if needed, it creates a Business Class atmosphere in the second row with a maximum freedom for shoulders and legs for two passengers. This works by changing the middle seat into a central armrest and moving the two outer seats backwards and inwards. Naturally, this asks for a respective motorisation, which comes with the two litre large CDTi. The highly efficient diesel drive produces impressive 200 hp and 300 nm, thus guaranteeing a superior propulsion. For this performance, seven litres of diesel per 100 km are enough. As an optional accessory, the proven IntelliLink system takes care of information and entertainment, and guarantees the ideal connection of iOS and Android smart phones. The mechatronic FlexRide chassis offers a maximum of comfort on different roads; the numerous assistance systems provide an optimum of safety for all passengers.

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