Perma-trade® Permasolvent® Primus 2.0

The „permasolvent primus 2.0“ from perma-trade prevents limescale in building technology, keeps the natural quality of drinking water and prevents the loss of energy even at high storage temperatures. The lime protection of permasolvent primus 2.0 is based on the electro-dynamic method of building seed crystal. In the process, voltage pulses create a polarization of the microelectrodes. The lime glues to the negatively charged parts and is removed by the periodic pole reversal in the form of smallest crystals. The lime that emits during heating sticks to those crystals, which are built with high density. It is removed together with the tapped water. Tubes and boilers remain nearly lime-free without losing the natural lime substance of the water or changing the valuable minerals such as calcium or magnesium. The permasolvent primus 2.0 operates automatically and maintenance-free. Thanks to its puristic, elegant design, it is not only technically, but also optically a real highlight.

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