Poggenpohl The Fouth Wall

The kitchen „The Fourth Wall“ from Poggenpohl is an innovation in kitchen design, which fascinates with its design, high quality and functionality. The visionary concept also is a new idea for private kitchens, which make professional cooking available at home. Worldwide leaders in design and technology have developed this concept in cooperation. Instead of hiding the different elements of the kitchen, Poggenpohl has taken its inspiration from the kitchen of former times, where the arrangement was defined by the functionality. The concept kitchen “The Fourth Wall” combines several areas with each other – the name is taken from the theatre, meaning the invisible wall, which separates the audience from the actors. The kitchen internalizes the open living area, in which cooking and eating are connected to each other. Intelligent surfaces change from compact lacquer to complete transparency – only by pushing a button. Single parts can be hidden or made visible. The different parts have been constructed in a way so that all food can be stored under ideal temperature and climate conditions until it is being used.

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