At the kitchen tab CRESENTO by PYRAMIS, the shower hose is not lead in a tube of the faucet’s spout as usual, but in a stainless steel coil spring. The last quarter of the hose is completely fee, while the shower hose is again fixed in a holder. The kitchen tab is a high-quality manufacturing, all joints and parts feature a convincing fit accuracy. The steel spring to conduct the shower hose is made of an extremely strong wire while the hose itself is coated with a metal fibre. The special look of the tab is created by the arching holder of the shower head. Handling is easy thanks to the single, lever with its minimalistic design. There, regulation of the amount of water and setting of the water temperature is done by a slight turn. The shower hose can be changed between a simple beam or a bubbler. Due to the fact that it is simply hung in the holder, the hose can be easily removed to clean bigger parts or to fill larger cans.

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