Qeridoo - Qubee

The Qubee trailer from Qeridoo received the PLUS X AWARD in several categories due to its outstanding features. The “High Quality” award was given because the Qubee is made of high-quality materials and meets strict quality standards, which underlines its durability and reliability. The Qubee’s “Design” was awarded because it has an aesthetically pleasing design and is available in a variety of appealing colors. The “ease of use” of the trailer was also honored, as it is easy to handle and has practical features that make it pleasant to use for parents and children alike.

The “Functionality” award was given because the Qubee is versatile and can accommodate a variety of uses, whether as a bike trailer or stroller. It also received the “Ergonomics” award due to its well thought-out ergonomic design, which ensures comfort and safety during transport. Overall, the Qubee trailer from Qeridoo is an excellent choice for parents looking for high quality, appealing design, ease of use, functionality and ergonomic features in a child carrier.

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