The Quadro-Secura E-XL WL house entry is an innovation in building technology, which shows high quality and functionality. It makes houses fit for the requirements of broadband networks with optical fibre. With the Quadro-Secura, network connections can be prepared for the installation of optical fibre. Thus, the connection to broadband can be done at any time without any engineering costs. The device is made of a special high performance plastic, which has a high mechanical stability and chemical resistance. The rubber seal is made of a mixture, which has been developed for this use case. Thanks to the high clamping range of the media lines which need to be sealed off, the Quadro-Secura E-XLWL can be flexibly adapted to the existing media lines. Planning changes and changes of the media lines’ sizes can be done directly at the building site. Long and often expenses building delays are prevented. A sealing plug that is part of the standard of the system makes it possible to seal off the recess (core drilling or scabbard tube).

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