Quinny Yezz / Yezz Air

The Quinny Yezz Air differentiates itself from other buggies by its 3D knitting technology. The elastic stitches equally distribute the seating pressure, creating a good seating comfort. The child feels as if sitting in a hammock. In addition, the mesh is permeable to air and breathable. The frame of the Quinny Yezz Air is made of the high-performance glass fibre composite IXEF. Due to the combination of both materials the Yezz Air is extremely light; it weighs only 5 kg. If folded, it stands upright and can be easily stored even if there is little storage space. The Quinny Yezz Air is available in the colour variations Black + White and Aquablend.

+ buggy with 3D knitting technology
+ especially light and comfortable
+ canopy included

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