Even a seemingly simple accessory, which needs to be in every car, can be completely re-invented. This is proven by the Recaro sport seats platform RSSP. With a new, bearing carbon structure, Recaro has designed a consistent basis for comfort seats as well as sport seats. The high-tech material makes the new seats about 17 per cent lighter, but more than two thirds more solid than standard seats with steel structures. Around the new structure, which hovers only 145 mm over the mounting level, different modules define security, comfort, side protection and the individual taste of the driver, thus adapting the seat to the respective use. With the new construction, cars can be built more lightly and trendy, but keeping the same seating and room comfort, and reducing the carbon footprint. As far as additional features go, all known and future options are possible

•   Consistent structure for all kinds of seats
•   Lighter, more compact and more stable built
•   Operation can be one via the electronics of the car

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