Rehau Geneo Inovent

The Rehau Geneo Inovent technology allows reliable ventilation even if the window is close. Sliently and 24 hours a day, the ventilation exchanges the room air with fresh air, which has been preheated by a heat exchanger.

+ Burglary-protection-class RC2 even during ventilation
+ Sound insulation of 42 dB even during ventilation
+ ventilation system integrated into the window frame
+ integrated heat exchanger with up to 71 per cent heat recovery
+ 4 performance levels can be adjusted via the control unit in the window frame
+ coarse-dust filter class G3 removes up to 80 percent of pollen, dust and insects
+ operating noise between 19 and 38 dB (20 dB represent the ticking of a wrist watch)

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