reisenthel – carrybag frame twist sky rose

reisenthel - carrybag frame twist sky rose

The carrybag frame twist sky rose shopping basket by reisenthel has been honored by the PLUS X AWARD with the awards High Quality, Design and Ecology, because it is made of high-quality materials and has a first-class finish, resulting in a long life and robustness. The attractive design of the carrybag frame twist sky rose combines aesthetics and functionality, making it not only a practical shopping basket, but also a stylish accessory. In addition, the product is manufactured with ecological aspects in mind, using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, resulting in an environmentally conscious shopping option. The combination of high quality, attractive design and ecological responsibility makes the shopping basket carrybag frame twist sky rose an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers with a sense of style.

+ high quality,
+ attractive design
+ ecological responsibility

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