The predecessor of the Ricoh GR II was established on the market even before elegant compact cameras with large sensors and high-end lenses became trend. It combines a 16 mega pixel large APS-C-sensor for the form factor of a compact camera with a fast wide-angle fixed focal length: 18.3 mm with luminous intensity 2.8 represent the image angle of a classical 28er. The high-end aluminium magnesium casing now also features WLAN, which can establish a connection to the internet quickly and easily by using NFC and a smart phone. In two steps, an image can be cropped to image angles of the well-liked focal lengths of 35 and 47 mm directly in the camera. A 3-inch monitor with more than 1.2 million pixel acts as viewfinder and image viewer.

+   Large APS-C sensor in compact camera format
+   Fast fixed focal length with 28 mm image angle
+   WLAN and NFC

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