Innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality and ecology: The Swing fireplace from Rika scores all along the line. The Innovation: With the RIKATRONIK4 technology, it automatically ignites by just pushing a button or at a pre-set time – without match or lighter. This can also be done via a smart phone app. The result: comfortable warmth when the user reaches his home. Operating the fireplace is child’s play. Thanks to a fully automatic supply of the combustion air, there is no need to do anything else, only refill the wood. All security relevant parts of the Swing are made of massive cast iron, the surface is coated with an extremely heat-resistant material. This guarantees the security and long lifetime of the fireplace. The design focuses on the fire, the round form of the fireplace opens up the view to the flames. A patented screen rinsing makes sure that this view is always clear. The Eco-Mode takes care of saving energy. It controls the air supply, making sure the combustion works as long as possible.

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