Rösle MAGNUM PRO G4 schwarz 50 mbar

Meanwhile, grilling has become a pleasure all the year around. This needs a reliable companion, which makes the BBQ a highlight every time anew. How about the BBQ-Station MAGNUM by Rösle? The gas grill captivates with its body of powder-coated steel as well as the simple but innovative idea to integrate a glass window into the top flap as well as interior lighting. The main burners made of stainless steel have 4.0 kW power, optional infrared back burners add 3.5 kW power and the main grill with its 78×48 cm area offers enough space for many delicious steaks, which can be expanded by an area of 75×13 cm to keep your grillables warm.

+ body of powder-coated steel
+ glass window and interior lighting
+ main burners (4.0 kW) and optional infrared burners (3.5 kW)
+ grill area of 78×48 cm

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