Rösle VIDERO G6-S Vario+ schwarz 50 mbar

For a barbeque to be fun you need the right grill. Rösle makes a great offer with the VIDERO G6 VARIO+ BBQ-Station. Six burners provide pure grilling pleasure with 3.5 kW each, which is most comfortable thanks to the ergonomic height of 90 cm. About 800° C are the foundation for the extra cross finish. Thanks to a glass window in the bonnet, you have an insight into the grilling chamber all the time. But also, when opening the bonnet, the temperature stays consistent. The side table has a side burner with a 3.0 kW output and can be used, if covered, as storage place. Dripping fat or cooking liquids are collected in a collecting bucket that can be removed at the front of the station to clean it.

+ six burners with 3.5 kW
+ 800° C for the perfect cross finish
+ glass window
+ side burner with 3.0 kW
+ comfortably removable collecting bucket

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