Rötzer brick element house - CREATIV house series

The CREATIV house series from Rötzer-Ziegel-Element-Haus receives our highest award for its outstanding quality, appealing design, ease of use, functionality and ecological features. This house series sets new standards in the construction industry with innovative building techniques and high-quality materials that offer a sustainable and comfortable living solution. Their aesthetic design combines elegance with practicality, creating a harmonious and pleasant living environment. The high level of user comfort of these homes is ensured by intelligent technologies and a well thought-out room layout that offers residents maximum living comfort.
In addition to functionality, CREATIV homes offer a range of ecological features, such as energy-efficient construction and environmentally friendly materials that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Overall, the CREATIV house series from Rötzer-Ziegel-Element-Haus represents an outstanding example of excellence in the above categories and therefore deserves the highest recognition and award from the jury.

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