Rötzer-Ziegel-Element Haus RötzerCreativ 121

The CREATIV line is the quintessence from experience of thousands of planned and constructed Rötzer houses. They captivate with a spacious hall and a roomy wardrobe and direct access to the optionally open kitchen. Over-corner window doors let in a lot of daylight and the upper floor, leading from a little gallery, offers direct access to three bedrooms and the family bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower. Optional possibilities for skylights or even a gable dormer. The corner oriel offers even mor space and more daylight to shine in and different roof forms, such as a flat roof, a pent roof or a gable roof round off the top of the house elegantly.

+ spacious rooms with a lot of daylight
+ optional installation of skylights, gable dormer or corner oriels
+ different roof forms

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