Less weight of the wheels increases the comfort and driving behaviour, especially for bikes. The Rotobox RBX2 Carbon fiber Motorcycle wheel is – according to the manufacturer – about 50 per cent lighter; a wheelset for the top-selling sports bike, the BMW S1000RR, weighs only seven kilogrammes. Robotox manufactures the wheel as Monocoque in one piece, making it very solid. 150 kg wheel load on the front wheel and 250 kg on the rear wheel are possible. The effect: lower sprung masses more easily follow even smallest bumps, enhancing comfort and road contact. In addition, smaller rotating masses can be more easily turned around the axe for turn-in and steering corrections. This makes handling easier. Last but not least, the fuel consumption is improved if less mass needs to be brought into movement.

+  Carbon used as rim material
+  50 per cent less unsprung masses
+  Better handling thanks to lower gyroscopic forces

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