RUSSKA Rollator vital carbon plus

Highest mobility in your old age with RUSSKA. The Rollator Vital Carbon Plus is a walker with a frame made of carbon an enables, with only 6 kg of weight, soft tyres which cushion bumps by uneven grounds, such as cubblestones or field paths. Furthermore, you can put up to 150 kg of weight onto the walker and the ergonomic handles can be adapted to height easily. A simple folding mechanism, an integrated fold securing with a magnetic quick release fastener enables a simple transport as well as a safe stand, also when folded. Reflectors on every side provide security for walks in the dark and failsafe tyres as well as a cane holder make the Vital Carbon Plus the perfect companion in the everyday lives or on vacation.

+ low weight at high load-bearing capacity
+ soft tyres
+ simply adjustable and foldable
+ reflectors on every side

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