The RLM18X40H240 by Ryobi can handle up to 550 sqm with only one charging of the battery. This device offers an additional advantage: Instead of the usual equipment with one 36 volt battery the machine is equipped with two 18 volt lithium ion batteries from the Ryobi ONE+ system. They match with more than 35 further electronic and gardening tools of the manufacturer. Thus, both energy storages can be used for numerous other tasks while the lawn mower waits for its next turn. This saves money and resources. Additional 18 volt ONE+ devices can be bought without charger and battery. The eye-catcher of the device is the height-adjustable handle with ergonomic grips and additional bar ends. They create a relaxed hand position and a better, more precise handling of the machine. The frame is equipped with quick release fasteners and can thus be folded and unfolded instantly.

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