Purapress is a modern pressing system from Sanha with stainless steel pipes and pressed joints made of a high quality copper alloy. High quality and convincing functionality are key to the system. Purapress combines the well-known positive characteristics of extremely corrosion resistant copper alloys and stainless steel with regards to hygiene, corrosion security, longevity and sustainability with an outstanding economic efficiency. The system can be used nearly without any limitation for drinking water, heating, cooling or compressed air applications. Several elements contribute to this characteristic: The Purapress system fittings can be used with the three stainless steel pipes NiroSan F (1.4521 nickel free), NiroSan ECO (1.4404/316L) and Niroan (1.4404/316L). In addition, the large Purapress range with about 200 parts between 15 mm to 108 mm can be complemented easily with all products from the NiroSan-Press stainless steel programme. All Purapress products are certified by the DVGW, „unpressed untight“ and feature the unique Sanha tool compatibility. The system fittings can practically be pressed with any existing tool.

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