Schwabenhaus Solitaire-B-90 E5

With the Solitaire-B-90 E5, Schwabenhaus expands it renowned Solitaire series with a bungalow, which allows moving the master sleeping room and the bathroom to the upper floor. Alternatively, it is possible to create a spacious studio. The design features clear lines and a direct access to the large-scale roof terrace. Inside, the user finds an open living concept and a seamless transition between interior and exterior area. The EnOcean smart home technology enables an intelligent building management, which can be enhanced by security elements such as access control. Being an efficiency house on the 55 standard, the Solitaire-B-90 E5 is also up to date when it comes to energy.

+ bungalow with additional top-floor module
+ seamless transition from exterior to interior area
+ energy standard 55, options up to 40Plus standard

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