Sharp Refrigerator

Based on the minimalist approach, this new Sharp 2K20 New series refrigerator focuses on high practical value with elegancy. The horizontally designed LED display provides large ergonomic touch control use. Its interior focuses on practicality with ergonomic drawers and other elements while carrying on high quality and clear look. Maxi Fresh Preserver technology eliminates the ethylene gas inside the crisper and it maximizes the fresh foods’ shelf lifes, especially the green vegetables. UltraPureTech spreads negative ions to the air by the help of UV lights which neutralize particles of unpleasant smell and dust in the air. Besides, this refrigerator is equipped with a Gentle Air flow where independent circulation systems prevent frost and odor mixing.

+ horizontally designed LED display
+ Maxi Fresh Preserver technology
+ UltraPureTech
+ Gentle Air flow

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