SHURE MV7 Podcast-Mikrofon

The MV7 is a dynamic microphone with USB and XLR outlet which can be connected to the computer as well as to a professional audio interface and thus becomes the perfect tool for the booming scene of podcasters and streamers who place great value on extremely high sound quality and, at the same time, on simple and comfortable operation. The microphone connected via USB gives the user additional settings and the Auto Level Mode can be used in the ShurePlusTM MOTIV App in order to adapt the sound of the voice and to adjust the distance of the microphone. The auto leveling of the microphone takes over the user’s work completely. Thanks to the connectivity to a table mount, the MV7 can be aligned individually.

+ USB and XLR outlets
+ Auto Level Mode and operation via ShurePlusTM MOTIV app
+ auto leveling
+ individual alignment thanks to table mount

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