No, the Sigma Art 24-35 DG HSM is neither small nor light or cheap. Nevertheless, it fits into every camera bag, because three classical focal lengths of 24, 28 and 35 mm – especially in the luminous intensity, image quality and manufacturing of the Art-series from Sigma – need more of everything. The second, superfast wide angle zoom from sigma covers the image circle of 24 x 36 mm large miniature format camera – which is a world premiere in this segment. Thanks to its optical construction and the latest technology from Sigma, it is resistant against reflexes and ghosting. With a minimum shooting distance of 28cm, extreme perspectives can be realized. An HSM ultrasonic motor guarantees fastest and silent autofocus operation. The lens is set in a high-quality manufactured plastic casing with a brass bayonet, so the lens also works when changing the DSLR system.

+   Continuously high luminous intensity 2
+   High-quality manufacturing
+   Top image quality

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