The Silverline Flow-in fume aspirator removes cooking vapours from where they arise – right between the pots. An extraction shaft with an integrated 0.5-litre fluid collection container is built into the induction cooking zone with its four cooking fields – three 175 mm fields with a 1.4 kW heating performance each and a 215 mm field delivering 2.3 kW. The larger field has a boost function up to 3 kW and one of the weaker three can be boosted to 2 kW. The touch control in the glass surface regulates the four stages of the extractor system and the 9 heating stages of the cooking fields. Two cooking fields can be combined for fryers or similar pot formats. The safety precautions comprise a safety-off switch, a locking function, child protection, pot detection, residual heat indicator, fault monitoring and overheating prevention.

+   Powerful downward fume extraction from amid the pots
+   Touch sensor regulation
+   Easy to clean

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