SOLVIS SolvisLea Wärmepumpe & SolvisMax/SolvisBen Hybrid-Heizsysteme

The SolvisMax/SolvisBen hybrid heating system with the SolvisLea heat pump form a hybrid heating system for all kinds of energy. The heating system can work with solar thermal energy, a pellet heating, a heat-pump or a water-guiding fireplace. The same is true for heating with power, where either photovoltaics (PVS Heat) or a fuel cell can be used. Being a heat pump hybrid heating system, it is the ecologically appropriate heating solution, because the integrated gas-oil-burner creates comfortable warmth in the system. The high use of energy of the pump due to the high flow temperature especially in the cold season is eliminated. The system and the use of the right source of energy is controlled via the intelligent SolvisControl-3.

+ hybrid heating system with heat pump
+ use of different sources of energy
+ intelligent control with SolvisControl-3

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