The SL-series with wood chip and pellets-biomass heating systems from Sommerauer is an innovation with high quality, design, ease of use and functionality. It also respects ecological aspects. The core of the system lies in its technology. Starting with the control of the system and the possibility to do a proactive heating by integrating weather data over the interaction with the user up to Sommerauer’s own server solution for updates, data storage and remote maintenance the technology creates a broad functionality and takes care of the ease of use. The user can choose between controlling the system via a 7 or 10-inch large touch display or use PC, smart phone or tablet alternatively. The SL-series is only manufactured with materials that come from Germany and Austria. Its design combines functionality, protection and a modern look, which e.g. shows in the black glass front. When it comes to ecology, the SL-series heads into two directions: on the one hand, it saves energy while heating, on the other hand, Sommerauer has put focus on using materials for the production of the series that are environmentally friendly.

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