With the SorbOx filter for heating water, Elysator delivers a product which distinguishes itself with its high quality, functionality and ecology alike. The filter absorbs gases and minerals and effectively removes pollution from the heating water. After its installation, the integrated ion exchanger cartridge demineralizes the circulating heating water. A few days later, when minerals and lime have been fully removed from the water, the Elysator protection anode is inserted instead. Micro gas bubbles are vented and dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide are removed electrochemically, acid is bound. Rust mud and other dirt is kept back in the filter. The result is a low-salt, clean water that not only protects against corrosion damage, but also keeps the efficiency and operational security of modern heating systems. The SorbOx filter combines corrosion protection and demineralization in one unit without using any detrimental material or chemical additives. The SorbOx filter works without external power. The filter is manufactured from high-quality, corrosion-free stainless steel and is made for long-term use in heating or cooling circuits.

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