The fireplace insert Premium Arte 3RL 60h from Spartherm scores with ecology, high quality, design, ease of use and functionality. Spartherm uses tested, high-quality materials with latest production processes. Thus, it has developed a product which fulfills all requirements of the BlmSchV2 and Austrian norm 15aB-VG. This is made possible by the efficient combustion air system and the screen rinsing for optimal burning and high efficiency. Both lead to an energy saving use of wood. Over one layer, the insert opens the view directly into the fire without a disturbing frame, handle or a print on the screen. The free view is also created by the angled glass – made of one piece – which reaches over three sides. A black seal closes the windows clearly towards the body. The lift mechanics is not only part of the ease of use, it also leads to the fact that there is no visible folding mechanism or hinges. The patented window-closing system of the pressing frame to the bodies creates a high window-density of the fireplace.

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