With the Steakchamp 3-color meat thermometer, the Steakchamp brand introduces an innovation, which also features high quality and functionality. The thermometer can be used for barbecue, pan or oven alike. Its speciality: the pre-programmed “traffic lights” system. Medium rare is indicated by a green LED, medium by a yellow and medium well by a red LED. If there is more than one steak on the barbecue, one thermometer is enough as a reference. It also works for other kinds of meat. The core temperature is not only taken at the top, but along the whole sensor area. The Steakchamp 3-color features a switch-off automatic and also calculates the resting phase of the meat. A robust, extremely heat resistant stainless steel casing and a battery, which is enough for at least 1.000 uses, round off the functionality.

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