Synca REI/Ottoman

The most variable innovation since there has been foot massage. The REI combines a foot reflex zone massage with soft calf compression with pleasant warmth. The cover turns to be a further wireless massage tool, which looses tenseness in the area of your back, lumbar vertrebra or thigh. The light grey cloth cover is modern and decent and makes the REI seating furniture fitting into every interior. The device combines Japanese Shiatsu and Gua sha foot reflex zone massages with soothing warmth and stimulating calf compression. The special three part massage heads knead and role the foot’s sole in its whole length, from the toes to the heel bone. Spots difficult to access and the Achilles tendon are massaged with additional vibration.

+ combination of foot reflex zone massage and calf compression
+ additional elegant seating furniture
+ Japanese Shiatsu and Gua sha massage

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