The use of three fillers in the side sleeper pillow “my7” from Theraline delivers the best possible functionality and cares for a comfortable, undisturbed nighttime peace. For the ideal adaptation to the personal preferences, the filling in the head as well as the body pillow can be individually changed through practical filling openings. The 7-form takes up the sleeping habits of the target group. The user rests on a softly supporting pillow while comfortably clinging to the prolate body of the pillow with arms, legs and the torso. The joints are relieved and supported at the same time, the spine is completely straight. At the same time, the user feels protected and secure. A design which doesn’t need any sales advice – the user immediately can see his personal solution and accepts the pillow. The outer material is made of 100% cotton. All components of the my7 can be washed at 60°C and are dryer proof.

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