VESTEL Electronics Bestie-V

Bestie-V is a 32″ Smart Modular and voice-commanded TV Concept which aims at increasing the product’s longevity with its modular system. Most parts of Bestie-V are replaceable and changeable, which also makes it more serviceable after purchase. It is also upgradable with modules which provides a vast personalization experience opportunity for the end users’ needs. The modules consist of an external battery, external speakers, wireless charging kit, external camera and snap covers. With these kits, users don’t have to decide whether they want a portable TV or good sound quality during purchase. They can always upgrade Bestie-V later on. Bestie-V is also an ecofriendly product that uses bioplastic in the back cover and inner plastics, as well as recycled polyester made from plastic bottles on snap cover textile designs.

+ replaceable and changeable parts
+ upgradable with modules
+ ecofriendly bioplastic and recycled polyester

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