VESTEL Electronics Hi-Sway TV

The Hi-Sway TV is a modular approach to TV at bigger sizes as 75″, 86″ and 98″. One tooling with aluminum profiles was made to fit all sizes. Elegance of the design was achieved with form, material selection, finishing quality and technology. The aim is to combine big size TVs and interior design elements in one product by using wood and metal with highly precise and high-quality finishing. The whole screen ranging was inclined from 3-5 degrees to reach better visual ergonomics. With different screen sizes varying from 86″ to 98″, the user, while sitting on a couch, will have better viewing angles. With HI-SWAY TV these bigger sizes became much more stable, durable and robust.

+ combination of big size TVs and interior design
+ inclined screen ranging
+ wood and metal material to limit plastic use

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