VESTEL Evin Akli 2021

Today, smart houses offer a very secure, practical, safe environment. Vestel smart home appliances are part of this smart environment and they are working with Vestel Evin Aklı which is a mobile app and TV app developed for users to control and monitor their connected devices remotely anytime. Thanks to Evin Aklı’s meticulously created, flexible software and design architecture, the application easily adapts to new devices and features that will be added. Users can also track their electricity consumption levels. At the same time, all features are made available to the usage of visually impaired users with VoiceOver and Talkback compatibility. Thanks to the similarly designed interface and experience design, learning to use and control the newly added devices takes short time for users.

+ control and monitor smart devices via app
+ easy adaption to new devices
+ VoiceOver and Talkback compatibility

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