The station wagon for the limousine in Sweden is called Volvo V90. In this space-ship, luxurious processing meets all-caring comfort and innovative technology. The half-automatic lane-keeping assistant Road Edge Detection System recognized the edge of the road even if there are no markings on it, leading the driver back to the right way. There, it helps the driver with the Pilot Assist to keep the distance to the vehicle in front – if needed, also by actively intervening with the brake, gas or steering. The passenger can indulge in the luxurious, high-quality manufactured interior and the comprehensive entertainment and control electronics. The typically Scandinavian design features – among others – a nine inch touch screen, which fulfills every wish. With a performance of 190 (D4) to 407 system horse power (T8 Hybrid and 350 TS) to 640 Nm (T8 Hybrid), five motorizations are available to suit every taste.

+  Huge luxurious station wagon with high-end processing
+  Performance from entry-level diesel up to plug-in hybrid with 400 system horse power
+  Convincing security assistents

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