Whirlcare Heat Energy Pump

Skinoxyform is a hydro-oxygen therapy which increases the oxygen percentage by more than 70 per cent. This supports the metabolism, cell growth and a deep hydration of the skin. A specific, low-vibration pump creates microscopically small oxygen bubbles, which give the water in the whirlpool a milky look. The system is built in the Whirlcare whirlpools of the K-Luxury-Edition as a standard; optionally, other Whirlcare whirlpools can be equipped with the system. Handling is easy: the Skinoxyform application is started via touch screen and then works automatically.

+ hydro-oxygen therapie to support the metabolism
+ easy use by pushing a button
+ integrated in K-Luxury-Edition; available as retrofitting part for all other Whirlcare whirlpools

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