Whirlcare Swim-Spa-Edition

The Swim-Spa-Edition by Whirlcare is the alternative to a standard pool. It combines wellness and sports by the combination of a whirlpool with a counter-current system. The Swim-Spa Edition features a compact built and can be put into the garden or disappear partially or fully. According to different use, it is available as a one- or two-chamber system. The two-chamber system allows building two fully separate swim and whirl zones. The nozzles of the counter-current can be individually adapted in strength and inclination so that each user can set their individual resistance. The Swim-Spa-Edition is manufactured in Germany by only using durable and high-quality materials.

+ combination of whirlpool and counter-current system
+ compact built with one- or two-chamber system
+ high quality “Made in Germany”

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