The combination of an integrated seat insert and an optional back extension in the manduca baby carrier is unique. It grows from birth to up to 20 kg. The ergonomic design and the anatomically formed waist strap of the manduca divert the weight from the shoulders of the parents to the hip, just as with a good backpack. In addition, there are three collections of the manduca baby carrier available that differ from in other in the design of the carrier. Threefold adjustable shoulder straps and a conically attached hip strap, which perfectly adapts itself not only to the female waist and hip and create a maximum of comfort for the parents. Thanks to its specific anatomical fit, it can be carried low on the hip as well as high on the waist. With its light weit of 680 g, the manduca fits into every rucksack. The manduca baby carrier enables carrying in the anatomically correct M-position (spread-squat position). Low tucks, hidden in the butt area, guarantee that waist and legs of the baby take up the correct position; the leg-cuts are generously padded.

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