The X-Bionic Energizer 4.0 Fitness pants in 7/8 length offer support for the connective tissue and hold for women during sports. The compression and the special zonal structure make sure that less lactic acid penetrates the tissue. This supports the lymph flow and can help to reduce the development of dents. At the same time, the pants optimize the climate management of the skin. It cools, if you sweat and warms if you feel cold. As all X-Bionic products, the Energizer 4.0 fitness pants are only made of high-quality materials and manufactured in Europe. The elegant colours create the right look and discreetly accentuates the technologies. The Seamless production results in a good wearing comfort without bruises caused by seams.

+ fitness pants in 7/8 length for women
+ support for the connective tissue and hold
+ good wearing comfort and high quality

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