X-SOCKS® Endurance 4.0 Sports Sock

The Endurance 4.0 sports socks are designed for running over longer distances. Often blisters occur on the feet which are mainly due to poor climate control. The X-SOCKS® brand effectively reduces blisters through innovative and patented technologies in their product. The soft and highly breathable sports socks climatize the foot through qualitative materials and by using the pump effect, in which the movement of the foot is included in the air circulation process. Furthermore, Endurance 4.0 sports socks are comfortable to wear as they adapt to the foot and provide ergonomic support. Therefore, the Endurance 4.0 earn the seal of approval for innovation, high quality, ease of use, functionality and ergonomics.

+ highly breathable
+ reduces the risk of blisters
+ bacteriostatic

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