Yale – Linus® Smart Lock

Linus® gives you the ability to lock and unlock your door remotely, check door status, grant virtual keys and see who comes and when. Linus® works on most doors and can be installed within minutes. Featuring the most advanced software, Linus® is controlled through the user-friendly Yale Access app. For best quality, Linus® features Zinc Alloy, a material recognised for its superb strength and durability. Linus® also features DoorSense™ technology which will tell you if the door is closed or if anything unexpected happens, like it being left ajar. Linus® also integrates with leading voice assistants such as the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or the Apple HomeKit, as well as top home share platforms.

+ works on most doors
+ Yale Access app
+ Zinc Alloy material
+ DoorSense™ technology

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