Comfortable and relaxing times within your own four walls start with a high quality sofa. With the Enlarge sofa series of the YATAS brand, the customer is offered several different models to suit individual needs. Whether a large seating-sleeping sofa combination with the model of the Carino living room or a spacious corner seating group from the Smart living room, the Enlarge Sofa Series offers quality and comfortable seating for everyone. In addition to comfort and a design that enriches the living room, the Enlarge series offers functionality above all. With easy-to-use bed mechanisms, plenty of storage space and a wide range of different colors, models and different sizes, the Enlarge Sofa Series of the YATAS brand earns five of the seals of approval and is awarded for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ergonomics.

+ functional and stylish design
+ storage function, which ensures additional storage space in 3- and 2-seat sofa beds
+ easy to open/close bed mechanism

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