Atomic - REDSTER X5 GREY + M 10 GW

The SKI REDSTER X5 GREY + M 10 GW from Atomic is recognized for its outstanding quality, appealing design, functionality and ergonomics. This ski redefines the standards for top performance on the slopes by combining high-quality materials and innovative technologies. Its aesthetic design combines style with performance and makes it an eye-catcher on any mountain. In addition, the REDSTER X5 GREY + M 10 GW offers outstanding functionality, allowing skiers to enjoy precise and controlled descents.

The ergonomic design of the ski also ensures optimum adaptation to the skier’s individual needs and abilities, resulting in an improved skiing experience and greater safety on the slopes. Overall, the SKI REDSTER X5 GREY + M 10 GW from Atomic is an outstanding example of top performance in the categories mentioned and therefore deserves the highest recognition and award from the jury.

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