With the CONCEPT-M 210, the show house Günzburg, Bien-Zenker convinces all along the line – and scores in the categories Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ecology. The innovation is visible at first glance: a glass cube, which is set in front of the house, expanding the ground floor. On the cube, there is a spacious balcony. This creates a connection between the classic form of the house and the unusual design of the cube. Another connection is created by the large glass areas in both parts. The ease of use results from the home automation, in which all control elements are integrated. This also encompasses the security technology and the energy storage of the KfW 40 efficiency standard house. The design of the floorplan is functional and features little barriers. A wellness bathroom with sauna and two separate dressing rooms represent – among other elements – the high quality of the house.

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