Blueair AB Blue

You have to look closely, possibly even twice, to see, what it is: The air purifier Blue by Blueair from Blueair AB doesn’t attract attention by ventilation grilles at the side in a more or less techy casing, but could at first glance also be a box for children’s toys. Only at the direct top view you see the 30 cm fan through a ventilation grille. This fan blows up to 590 m³/h clean air into a room. The very fine filter material with an overall filter surface of four square meters takes smoke, pollen, bacteria and other detrimental materials out of the air. Blue by Blueair is controlled with one single button only. The filter material is 100 per cent recyclable and needs only be exchanged once a year.

+ Cleaning performance: 590 m³/h of air
+ Discreet design, not recognizable as an air purifier at first sight
+ Filters particles up to 0,1 µm out of the air

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