“DAUERHOL Z” is a breakthrough in wood treatment research. By a patented wax impregnation, wood from sustainable forestry is protected against weather and pest until deep into the core. Thus, it combines all features that are so far only linked to tropical wood: it is more resilient and stronger than wood with durable surface protection and is also permanently resistant against weather conditions and infestation with bacteria or fungus. Other than conventionally conserved wood, it doesn’t need any subsequent treatment. Sustainability is a key factor of DAUERHOLS. Basic material for the production is sawn timber from the domestic forest pine and other domestic wood. After a pre-conditioning which is exactly aligned to the patented DAUERHOLZ processing and a subsequent drying, fluid wax is brought into the wood in an autoclave. The wood which is treated that way can then be used in the standard processing such as sawing, planing and profiling.

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