Ruck -Zuck is Dörner+Helmer’s new cable fastening system. Ruck-Zuck is German for “in a jiffy”, and that is exactly how it works. The core of this product line is a unique cable lock allowing objects to be fastened to or dismounted from cables or cable mountings in no time at all and without any tools. The manufacturers, who are located near Koblenz/Germany, support retailers with corresponding sales displays. And there are countless applications for the Ruck-Zuck cable fastening system. Originally, the system was developed for trade only. Today, however, private users will also find new uses with every new project projects: electrical installations, air conditioning, organising systems for the garage, pitching of tents or shade sails, fences or supports for climbing plants, hanging signs or pictures, and these are only just a few examples. With the Ruck-Zuck mounting systems any installation is done easily and in no time at all: To hand or mount objects no tools are required. There is a solution for nearly any task. The system can even be used on concrete ceilings or steel girders. Tightening the cable or adjusting the height, for example, does not require any tools either and can be done in seconds.

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